Statement of Purpose

One of the proudest moment of my life was earning my college degree. There is nothing like experiencing living from paycheck to paycheck to inspire one with determination toward obtaining an education.

I was enrolled in a Public University in the Philippines where for a whole semester, you pay about $40 all-in. although this University may not be in par with the prestigious one, still, it boasts being the best school to get a teacher education. I can say that I excelled in my studies. As a student, I feel that my success lies in the fact that I approached my studies with the determination of one whose lifelong goal is to rise above a paycheck to paycheck living.

Working as a teacher of English in schools in the Philippines, I felt the great satisfaction of knowing that I was able to help and influence children, both academically and personally. My own experience as a pupil has been very influential on my view of the teacher’s role, and I should hope to be able to offer my own students the support, encouragement and guidance that I received myself.

It was the direct experience of working with children in a school that proved to me that my true personal interest, and consequently my career ambitions, lie in primarily in Education.  I have a genuine passion for working with and for children, which I believe became apparent to me in my work through the teaching I have done.

Having studied in a public university, we were trained to teach in schools were students’ priority lies not in learning but in earning money that they may be able to eat each day. It was a challenge for the teachers to think of ways and strategies to retain children in school and to encourage them to learn and study. This led to my interest in pursuing a masters in educational psychology. Through this course of study, I would be able to identify the different methods and learning processes that can help students from low income families be motivated to learn and retain knowledge.  I believe that having a MS in Education Psychology is a qualification through which improvement of education can be achieved.

My goal in pursuing a master degree is to improve the education and well-being of students coming from low-income if not, no income at all. I have always believed that Education is a way to rise above poverty. By getting a masters degree, I might be able to raise awareness about the fundamental issues in education the Philippines is facing. Educational psychology challenges to confront complex teaching methods and strategies to improve individuality towards academic achievement. The field of education offers great personal fulfillment – working towards improving education standards and be able to suggest the learners the right way.

I would hope to turn my personal commitment into a disciplined and informed body of knowledge and skills.  I believe that I have a deep respect for children and adults. Even though I have a Bachelor degree in teaching, I still feel the need to learn about the different needs of individual learners.  I realize that cultural diversity have implications for working in a school, and that learning is always an active process.  The teacher must be aware of what makes for effective teaching.  I still feel the need to continually develop skills and knowledge relevant to teaching, and discover the ways in which preparation, planning, assessment and recording contribute to my effectiveness as a teacher.  Classroom management will call for particular expertise, as will working with colleagues.  I believe that teaching is a profession which involves the whole personality of the teacher, and that the rewards are not just for the pupils. Learning about the process of learning and using them to motivate students to achieve optimal conditions of learning is a reward for both teacher and students as they help each other develop personally and academically.

My purpose in applying to get a degree in George Mason is to acquire the depth of knowledge and training needed to attain a superior level of expertise in the area of education.  George Mason University  has the richest environment of courses, facilities and research available. The University’s education program and mission fit exactly to my goals personally and professionally. Receiving a Master’s degree from George Mason is my urgent priority at the moment as I hope I would be able to finish in 16 months’ time. I regard this degree as a way which will help me make changes in the education system in the Philippines. Having a masters degree is a major step towards a bright and successful future in teaching. This is the right time in my life to start contributing to the society which had given me a lot. This is the time for me to make my mark one step at a time.

In my 30 years, I learned that if I tried hard, I could succeed. If I wanted something badly enough, I possessed the ability to take advantage of the opportunities presented to me. Therefore, I believe that I shall succeed. I hope you will find my qualifications, experiences, and interests suited to your program.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for your consideration.



Grace Cerdan