Pathway Reflection

According to the dictionary, pathway generally means “a way of achieving a specified result; a course of action”. I am enrolled in an accelerated program of a graduate pathway and I must say that this course, has definitely paved a clearer path for me to entering the Graduate Studies. When I started this course, I thought that I was ready for the graduate degree status but I found out throughout the course that entering the graduate program is not as easy as it looked. I learned a lot of things in my pathway program. I learned to speak clearer English language and learned how to write convention papers which I had no idea how to do.

I aim to get a degree in MS Educational Psychology. The pathway program has helped me developed my skills in a professional way. The program helped me train my mind to be persistent in the coming hardships in getting a Masters degree. I am finishing up my pathway degree with a confidence that I can face all that is to come.