2            Educational Psychology involves the study of how people learn in education, business and government. This course help people in realizing the processes and individual differences in learning that could lead them to academic growth and achievement. My undergraduate degree is in Education. By taking up Educational Psychology as a masters program, it increases my knowledge on how to approach teaching by understanding how students learn and what approach to take to help them realize their potential for their chosen endeavor. In the Philippines, the education system is lacking. I believe that learning about the process of learning through Educational Psychology would help me develop the students’ interest in learning in  a setting where education system is lacking. This could help improve students’ academic achievement and could potentially help in the realization of their goals as a person.  In George Mason, the College of Education and Human Development offers the Masters program that could be finished in four semesters in which different concentrations is offered. I have not yet decided which concentration to take but I am leaning on Assessments because I want to be able to have the option of working in a business world or a school setting. I believe that studying in George Mason will help me achieve that goal because of the diversity the school offers.